Sunday, October 29, 2017

Staircase Update

This past winter taught us words we did not know, temperatures we had not seen.  One of these words/phrases was "ice dam".  I chuckled when my dad was clearing his roof, and told him to get his 60 year old bottom off the ladder and into the warm house before he ended up in the ER--"Dad, I've lived here longer, there is no such thing." I mean, look at this beautiful white stuff, how could it be destructive?

Fast-forward 24 hours and we were victims of the dreaded "ice dams".  Water leaked in from both valleys of our house creating damage in our upstairs and also downstairs. I did see some positive to this, however.  This damage did extent to our hardwoods, which were in desperate need to be refinished.  My thought: just a deductible and we will shiny, happy, clean floors.  Well, one bummer to this was our staircase was not part of this equation, and at the time, we didn't feel it was right to spend the extra dinero on refinishing this as well.  So we went with the economical approach and crossed our fingers that the floors and stairs would match (otherwise, I would have chosen my own "perfect stain" out and painted the stairs later).  Well, they didn't.  We didn't take into consideration the age/fading of the stairs to the fresh refinished look of the the hardwoods.  The hardwoods boasted a slightly reddish to pink look and the staircase had a more yellowed look.

This cannot be so, I cannot deal.  I toiled, I Pinterested, I Houzzed to find a fix to this using paint (as this is what I could afford at the time).  Finally, I found my inspiration piece.  This would be the ticket.

I did at one point, attempt to get the railing sanded to wood, but then my hubs and I got lazy--watching a good Netflix show in the after-kids-asleep-hour seemed way more enticing than sanding relentlessly. We gave up and just pained it all white.  It is not too bad, but don't look closely because our "slacker" approach is written all over it and will have to be revisited sometime soon. 

I appreciated my freshly painted stairs, but couldn't get my my mind off the more completed look stair skirting would boast.  We had some money saved and agreed it would make this a nice focal point as it is the first thing you see when walking through the door. Well, I will point out that all contractors and all handymen are not created equally, and my low "cost" did come through on the finishing touches, which we will ultimately have to finish on our own. Eventually. You know, that time you think will come, but probably won't until it is time to sell your home?

Here is a picture of the before.  Yes, it is not a true before, but in true Erin fashion I forget to take the before and have to do an "in between" shot.  Just try to picture the railing was all honey-oaked color before I got reckless with the paint. And no, I wasn't going for the distressed look, I was just already attempting to sand it off!

And this one below, is where I thought I could sand it all down and stain, which in my heart of hearts, would like to still do. Someday. In the future. When Netflix doesn't call me name so eagerly. 

Finally, here is the completed stairs, skirting and all. I kinda like it, blemishes and all. And in case you are wondering, the walls got fresh paint too. They are now Revere Pewter by Benjamin More and the stairs are Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams.

Please excuse my formatting/spacing/alignment in this post.  I'm having a heck of a time posting this!

Hope you are having a great fall!


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