Monday, November 14, 2016

Wow, it's been awhile. Life has gotten a bit crazy around here.  There is so much to catch up on, but I'll just start with where I left you hanging--the guest bathroom remodel.  We had all sorts of hang ups in the end of the project, which is for another day, another post--I just want to focus on the finished project.

My goal was to learn to operate our DSLR camera so I could post some wicked awesome pictures of how the bathroom looks in my eyes.  Well, I did try, but the pictures just couldn't do it justice (read: my skills are just no up to par!) and all of the pictures are yellow, and oddly enough, not level. This got me to thinking, maybe one of my legs is significantly shorter than the other and I'll just never have level pictures.   Hmm... Anyway, I decided enough was enough, and I just needed to post some pictures from my phone, since they weren't giving off the yellow-yuck hue that our camera was.  These pictures are not really Pinterest, Houzz, or quite frankly, blog-worthy, but I think you'll get the idea.  Heck, maybe someone could even tell me what I'm doing wrong with my camera.

So, here we go!

Here is the vanity I had built to look like the Restoration Hardware Printmaker's Console.  It is probably my favorite piece, the only thing that went as planned, and the thing I am most proud of from this remodel.  She saved me over $1500, and I got the type of marble I wanted on top.  The man who built this piece was crazy nice, done with the project early, and I think, totally nailed it!

Here is the purdy faucet I chose.  It is a gooseneck from Signature Hardware in polished nickel.

This is one of my favorite parts of the shower, that originally, I thought was going to destroy my "vision".  You see, I had planned on the shower ledge/shelf going directly in the center as the sort of "eye candy" to make the shower pop.  But, as remodels would have it, we found the plumbing ran right in the center, and it was not an option.  I was crushed, but had to move on.  My MIL suggested making it a little larger to make it "visually interesting", which I thought was a good plan--and you know what? Having it offset from the center makes the cleanup SO much better.   It doesn't get flooded with water, which in my book, is a total win!

Oh, there she is, that beautiful tiled shower I've been waiting for forever!  My first shower in here was magical.  I poured some La Croix (not wine, because, well, it was 1:00 in the afternoon (when I finally had time to shower) and it seemed a wee bit early to celebrate with the spirits ;) Pretty sure I could have stayed in here all afternoon, but I could only let me 4 year old play on the computer so long while I showered.  There--I admit it. I totally stuck him in front of a computer game so I could shower in peace while my other bambino napped.  Guilty as charged.

This is a shot of the flooring we used both in this bathroom and into the hallway and the laundry room that are all "next door" to this bathroom.  It is the Pewter Travertine from Contempo Tile, and I absolutely love how it turned out.  I knew it was a bit risky on several levels using travertine 1) with 3 boys/men in a house and 2) because it definitely breaks some rules in the design world from what I've been told.  Good thing I'm not a designer and don't have to follow rules, because I didn't--and I absolutely love how it turned out!  Who says you can't mix a travertine tile right next to a subway and a marble?! Not this girl!

By the way, these are my happy toes at 0530 before I had to go to work.  Happy toes, happy nurse, happy wife, happy life.

A better view of the tiled hexagon tile in the shower.  It is a honed marble that has pieces of calacatta gold marble to sort of tie in the calacatta marble top on our vanity. And, who doesn't love a good hex tile, am I right?! 

That about sums up this little guest bathroom (or as I have called it "mama's shower") remodel. Hope you enjoyed stopping by The Gray Abode.

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