Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Something I have tried to do in our home is create new/fresh spaces with the furniture and items we already have.  When I met my husband, he had a fully furnished home with pretty nice things for a bachelor.  Being  a bit on the thrifty side, it pained me to just "get rid" of these pieces without putting some thought into how I could reinvent their placement in our new home, and project a little of our "married" style onto them.  And by "married" I mean a slightly more feminine take.

One of my favorite "moves" has been with a piece that was originally used to showcase some car memorabilia of my husbands in his bachelor home (and our first home together).  This table served many uses in our old home, and is currently resting in its best spot to date.  At our old home, we (I mean "I") repurposed the table as a sofa table which looked great, but wasn't really an option in our new home layout.  When we moved to our new home, it was our TV stand in our bedroom--don't judge me. Watching a good Lifetime or Hallmark movie while relaxing in my cozy bed happens to be a favorite naptime activity for me. Embarrassing, but I refuse to give that up!

One day, I got restless, and decided this table was going to be a beautiful new entry table--one where I could add a few knick knacks to for seasons/holidays and add some pizzazz to the hallway. Funny thing about me: I have moved several large pieces of furniture around our homes on my own, including up and down staircases.  When I have an idea, I simply cannot wait for my husband to get home to help--I have to do it right then.  I figure out clever ways to move things (or I just woman-handle it) and get it done. I'd say that's pretty macho. So here it rests (probably forever) in our hallway.

The only thing I purchased for it was this mirror, and it was one of my first thrifting finds (and I believe, a steal!).  Found him for a whopping $6 and, I might add, he is a nice sturdy little mirror, with a touch of patina! At the store, I thought I would need to repaint the border (it is gray/blue and copper in color) but once I placed it on the table, there was magic.  Those colors actually made the piece unique and fitting.  The floral piece are spring "bud" cuts from one of our trees that happened to dry out like this, so I just left them there in all their budding glory.  Here's a close up of the table and mirror, so you can see this gorgeous $6 find, and examine the dust bunnies I failed to dust off for this picture.  Under the table is a our "go-upstairs-junk-basket".  I highly recommend this, especially if legos and matchbox cars migrate throughout your entire home, gracing every surface imaginable.

Hope you enjoyed our entryway update.  Thanks for stopping by The Gray Abode.


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